Pumas already has the replacement for Favio Álvarez

Few footballers come out Cougars who have made this happen Guardians 2021Own Johan VasquezHe acted as captain and came up with some statements tending to blame for the team’s poor performance on the college campus.We are the ones who play and we are in the fieldhe said, exonerating his coach of guilt Andrés Lillini

Vásquez’s words go in the same direction as several of the decisions the Argentine strategist has made over the days. And it is that Lillini would have ‘made the cross’ to several footballers with whom he does not have: and in this section he emphasizes Juan Manuel Iturbe, who has already been told that he will not get an extension of his contract, but another guy from ‘Iturbo’ could follow in his footsteps.

Is about Favio Alvarez, a midfielder who couldn’t handle the task and has lost the confidence of the South American helmsman. Álvarez was resigned after the departure of Andres IniestraBut his low level, added to a few injuries, have condemned him and now he’s more out than on the team.

According to the Reforma newspaper’s San Cadilla column, Pumas is looking for an outlet for the next fitting market. Aware of the financial situation that has affected the football world, UNAM considers a contract the best option for a player with a contract until 2023.

In addition, and always and according to the same information, the university students would already have their replacement on the team: Marco GarciaThe youth squad involved in a case of sexual harassment last year has returned with the Pumas subsidiary and would regain the level that led him to become one of the quarry’s greatest promises, so the auriazules see the young player as a future piece of midfield.