PS5 Leaving Exclusive isn’t a secret Kojima game, director says rumors ‘weren’t fun’

The game director of the PS5 exclusive Abandoned has responded to rumors that the game is a secret Hideo Kojima project – and teased that it will receive a demo and a possible closed alpha test. Revealed earlier this week, Abandoned is a cinematic first-person horror survival shooter with realistic visuals, linked to launch in Q4 2021. Developer Blue Box Game Studios has a quiet social media presence, a fairly unknown history, and released a PT-like trailer – leading some fans to believe it was actually a front for a new Kojima Productions project. The studio quickly gave an official response to the rumors on the company’s website: “We have no association with Hideo Kojima, nor do we claim to have any association, nor was it our intention to make any such statement. We are a small group of developers working on a passionate title that we wanted to work on for a long time. “In an interview with IGN, Blue Box Game Studios director Hasan Kahraman spoke in more detail about the rumors:” It wasn’t fun, but I had to to laugh. ”they explained. “At first I received messages from people telling me that they had looked at me and that I (as Kojima) had used some marketing tricks to promote his next game. I didn’t know what they meant until I Googled it.”You may remember all the time back in 2012 when a game called ‘The Phantom Pain’ was unveiled at the Video Game Awards 2012. Supposedly developed by ‘Moby Dick Studios’, it seemed CEO Joakim Mogren (Joakim is an anagram of Kojima) covered with bandage in an interview with Geoff Keighley to promote the game before it was later revealed that the project was actually Metal Gear Solid V. Many took the unfamiliar nature of Blue Box to mean that something similar was now going on.

Kahraman assures us that this is not the case, and that this is not the way they had hoped to announce a new game: “It bothered me a little because we as a team are so excited to have a little bit of our game. teasing and then comes this conspiracy. ”Kahraman continued. “All I wanted to do is tease our game. As for our social media presence, we’re a small team and not a big AAA studio, it’s already hard work to work on a very polished game for PS5, so that we really can’t. set aside the time to work on our social media presence full-time (when it’s important). “

Kahraman ignored the misunderstanding and also shared some more details about the game with IGN. Blue Box has been working on Abandoned since 2017 and the studio’s original goal was to create a tactical shooter with cinematic storytelling and realistic gameplay. “We wanted to make something different from traditional shooting games,” said Kahraman. “We wanted to make a game that feels real. Like reloading, you get to see the whole animation during a fight. Or if you get hit, you really have to stop the bleeding to keep fighting.”

Kahraman talks about several game situations that will realistically affect a character’s stability: “For example, if you get hit in the legs, you will fall down, so you cannot equip your firearm by dropping it to the ground. should eventually choose to take your firearm and fight or to stop the bleeding and cleanse the wound to avoid getting sick, “Kahraman adds.” This is not going to be a comforting fight. I promise. “

Kahraman says the game’s realistic environmental images were achieved through photogrammetry and retopology of the models (a process that requires high-quality images and scales them down for more efficient use), and was enhanced by the PS5’s power. “The PS5 console is powerful enough to play these images at 4k resolution,” Kahraman notes. “However, optimization is needed to run the game at 60 FPS. At the end of the teaser you will see heavy cam shakes and frame drops. The animation will not be final once the cam shake is removed and the frame rate will increase. up to 60 fps, unlike the teaser video. “

Abandoned – Screenshots of the PS5 Exclusive

According to Kahraman, the game also “relies” on the DualSense wireless controller and makes good use of the PS5’s immersive benefits. “The feel and sound of the controller would change depending on whether your firearm was loaded or unloaded. 3D audio is used for tactical purposes, such as determining the distance between you and the enemy.” they add.

Much like Kojima’s own PT (which was intended to be a teaser for the canceled Silent Hills), or the recent Resident Evil demos, a “minor teaser” for Abandoned will be available for download on PS5 before release, but Kahraman says the studio “can’t say more about it just yet. We’re also thinking about running a closed alpha test on PS5 some time later, but that’s not 100% certain.”

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Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.