Princes William and Henry are shown together at Prince Philip’s funeral People | Entertainment

The British media highlighted the friendly attitude between the brothers at the end of the ceremony of sacking the Duke of Edinburgh.

Many expected some sort of awkwardness between royal siblings, but it seemed there was nothing to worry about: Guillermo and Enrique walked together as they left the chapel of St. George at the end of the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Felipe, and the cameras saw them talking to Catherine Middleton.

“It’s great to see Enrique walking between Kate and William,” body language expert Derek Heron told the newspaper. OK!

“It’s a huge sign of acceptance. They are still very close. There’s a great brother band there. And Kate steps aside to let them walk together a good signHeron added.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral ends in St George’s Chapel, Windsor

In addition, the specialist said that both brothers seemed relaxed and even comfortable in each other’s company.

Another good sign: Catherine Middleton was wearing the pearls of the Queen and Princess Diana

Known to the public as Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William She arrived at the ceremony with an accessory that was easily recognizable to British and Royal fans: a famous pearl and diamond necklace of the Queen.

Although Elizabeth II often wore the four-row necklace in the 1980s, she loaned it Princess Diana, who wore it in 1982 for a state banquet in the Netherlands.