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Alexi Robichaux is the CEO and founder of BetterUp, a technology company dedicated to providing mental wellbeing to employees of large companies.

He is now known around the world as the head of a (former?) Member of British royalty. Alexi Robichaux, CEO and founder of BetterUp, is the young billionaire Prince Hendrik has named as Impact director (Chief Impact Officer) de esa to start (technology company) based in Silicon Valley (San Francisco, California).

During a video interview with the BBC, and replicated in the UK magazine portal OK Robichaux confessed that his new employee has been thinking for months about accepting that job offer, which, incidentally, is certainly accompanied by a juicy salary that the curious world would like to know.

The BetterUp website announced the appointment of Prince Harry as “Chief Impact Officer” with this image, along with other welcome messages.

However, this 1985-born businessman preferred to keep that figure in reserve, which is perfectly legal (the laws don’t require it). He also didn’t share how many hours per week Enrique will spend on his first job as a common citizen and resident of the United States. “I’m not worried about the (working) hours. I am concerned about the contribution … ”. What is known is that the arrival of Enrique (that is what he is called at work, or rather Harry) is an important step in one of Robichaux’s big ambitions: to participate in the stock market.

Prince Henry of England already has his first job in a company

“A month ago, the CEO was able to raise nearly $ 124 million in funding (values ​​the company at $ 1,648 million), money he pledged to invest in, among other things, ‘bolstering global growth’ for his company. That is to say, what they signed the prince for, ”the magazine published Vanity Fair on your portal.

Well-being for more productivity

What does BetterUp do? Well, to toast coaching of health, wellness and mental enhancement for companies like NASA, who want to reduce their employees’ stress and anxiety to improve their mood and improve professional performance.

“Be you at your best” is the main message appearing on their website (, accompanied by a brief explanation of their services: “From big challenges to small changes, BetterUp offers personalized coaching, content and care designed to transform lives and careers(From big challenges to small changes, BetterUp offers personalized training, content and care designed to transform lives and careers.)

Enrique, 36, believes in this goal because of his experiences with the commandos of the Royal Marines, who supposedly manage to increase their stamina and physical capacity through their mental state.

The same portal contains one welcome greeting from Robichaux to Enrique: “His model of inspiration and impact through action gives us energy. As a true citizen of the world, (Enrique) has dedicated his life’s work to drawing attention to the diverse needs of people around the world and advocating for mental health initiatives – since the creation of Invictus Games, a platform for that service personnel using sports as part of their psychological activities and physical rehabilitation, until the launch of Sentebale, which supports the mental health and wellbeing of young people living with HIV in Lesotho and Botswana ”.

Robichaux, who a year ago met Diana of Wales’s second son through a mutual friend, thus gains a monumental ally in his quest to internationalize his company. In addition, he points out that Enrique will “participate in everything from the design and product strategy to the co-creation of content and the experience of our members”.

Robichaux started professionally in the Disney business department and was a manager in an investment fund, later to found his first to start, Socialcast. His company was taken over by a larger group, VMware, who kept him as a manager, but in just a year and a half, he chose to give up and create BetterUp, all before he was 30 years old.

His goal: to use technology to reduce the frustration of executives who, like him, sometimes felt that the stress of work was consuming them. (I)

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