Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are next in line for their own Spotify exclusive podcasts

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, are the next big names who are committed to Spotify’s podcast empire. The two announced the podcasting deal today along with Spotify, along with the news that they have launched their own audio production company called Archewell Audio. Harry and Meghan will host their own podcasts and produce other shows, which are not detailed. Their shows launch next year, although a holiday special featuring the couple and other guests will be available this month. Harry’s podcast can focus on veteran issues, while Meghan looks more at gender equality.

This move is very similar to another famous political couple: the Obamas. They launched their own production company, Higher Ground, and also struck a Spotify deal. Michelle Obama’s podcast debuted as an exclusive podcast last summer, but later became more widely available. It is unclear whether the same could happen with the Duke and Duchess’s shows.

This new production deal continues Spotify’s land grab for big names and talent in the podcasting space. It has already moved Joe Rogan’s show exclusively to its platform and is also partnering with the likes of Kim Kardashian West, such as the DC Comics brand. The strategy, of course, is to encourage people to download and use Spotify regularly to hear from their favorite stars. With many of these shows not coming out until late this year, it’s unclear how well that tactic works, although Spotify continues to add new monthly average users.