Police are taking back 4 of the 23 who escaped from the Haina detachment

Santo Domingo, RD.

National Police officers conducted an operation in Haina on Thursday to re-arrest 23 people who had escaped from the municipal detachment last night

According to the details, an officer noticed the situation around 10 a.m. when he was about to switch shifts and checked if 23 were missing.

They claim he has been incarcerated 4 and behind the others, trying to locate them in the place where they live.

The prisoners managed to remove a beam from the ceiling to get out, after which they broke a wall at the rear of the detachment.

Images shared by the SIN news show how the police carried out an operation in different areas of Haina and managed to arrest two people, one of them named Miguel Ángel Feliz Batista, who said he did not know why they arrested him .