PHOTOS: Subsidiaria de Amazon revela diseño de su primer ‘robotaxi’ autónomo, capaz de alcanzar los 120 km / h en ambas direcciones

The Zoox vehicle is equipped with more than 100 innovative solutions.

Zoox, subsidiaries of Amazon, depicts the first car, a car used for operations in urban areas, a community founded by Jeff Bezos.

The proyecto, which got a similar device from Zoox from 6 years ago, can be used to create a primer and store compact packages and the retro cedar’s travel destination. Al mismo tiempo, with a capacity of 120 km / h and ambas-direcciones.

Además, is an equipment with more than 100 innovations in the field of seguridad. This includes a new design of the sky and an architectural architecture, it is allowed to see a vision of 270 degrees with different range, it is not possible to choose a certain number of points and there must be a constant and a constant speed of a robot taxi are seen. lado y detrás. “Building a vehicle designed to reinvent the reinvention of the new world,” said Dijo Jesse Levinson, director of technology and Zoox president.

Zoox fue fundada in 2014 and the beginning of the ‘hardware’ for the motorists and the conductor has a través de una aplicación móvil and forma de ‘robotaxis’. Aspirando and vending machine on electronic sales, comes from Amazon and Zoox. Actualmente the empresa está realizando pruebas of sus vehicle autónomos and different ciudades in California (EE.UU.).