Patricio Castillo’s best friend reveals that the actor foresaw his departure

After the news of actor Patricio Castillo’s unfortunate death, his friends from the show got together to say goodbye.

One of them was the actor Alejandro Camacho, who took the time to talk to the press about his friend’s departure.

In the meeting with the media, Alejandro said that the actor had foreseen his departure, because before he ceased to exist, he started calling all his loved ones to the hospital to say goodbye.

This is what Alejandro Camacho said:

“We arrived little by little and we saw him in a really charming pose, because he already knew this was going to happen,” said Camacho, who detailed that Patricio Castillo felt he had little time to live.

On the other hand, actor Haunani’s widow assured Ruiz that she will not grant access to her husband’s son, with whom she had an incident due to the actor’s legacy.

It all happened because Rodrigo, one of Patricio Castillo’s sons, publicly demanded that his widow give interviews while they agreed that the statements would be made together and also confirmed that his father never married her, so he reiterated that the decisions would be taken. made between the 3 children of the actor.

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