Order to evacuate the Caribbean island region due to threat of volcanic eruption

An active volcano on the Caribbean island of San Vicente is in danger of erupting, the area’s authorities warned Thursday, noting they have ordered mandatory evacuations.

The island’s emergency management office changed the alert level to red, saying a cruise ship will arrive after dark to evacuate those living near La Soufriere volcano. At this point it was not clear how many people would be evacuated, where the cruise would take them, or whether they would stay on board temporarily.

Authorities indicated that at dusk the glow of the volcano’s dome, located in the northern part of the island, could be seen. The warning issued Thursday came after days of seismic activity in the area around La Soufriere.

The last time the volcano erupted was in 1979, and an earlier eruption in 1902 killed about 1,600 people.

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