Oliver Stone says he took Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine

He’s trying to fight COVID-19 immunity.

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone was given a coronavirus vaccine in Russia – even though he’s more than a decade older than the recommended maximum age for that shot – and says he’s baffled to see so much skepticism about it.

The “Platoon” and “JFK” director said he now needs a booster shot, calling the Russian dose “a very good vaccine” – although, at the age of 74, the hasty inoculation could be a risky proposition.

“I’ve heard good things about the Russian vaccine,” he told the Associated Press. “I have to get a second injection within 45 days.”

“But I’m hopeful,” he said. ‘It’s a very good vaccine. I don’t understand why it is ignored in the West. “

Stone also called it “madness” that the US does not trust the Russian vaccine.

America somehow believes in its madness that China and Russia are enemies. Not me, ”he said.

“I see Russia and China as great partners,” he added, “Russia is one of the most advanced, if not the most advanced, countries.”

Stone is in the country to film a documentary about climate change.

Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone
Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone
Komandir / Courtesy of SHOWTIME

About 320,000 doses of the Russian vaccine, called Sputnik V, have been distributed, according to a report by the Moscow Times.

However, Russian officials are not widely giving it to people over 60 because they fear it could be harmful to the elderly, Newsweek said.

And although Russian strongman Vladimir Putin called the vaccine as 90 percent effective, the 68-year-old leader also said he wouldn’t take it.

Stone’s testimony for the brew comes because coronavirus vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and BioNTech started to be distributed in the US this week, with primary care health workers getting the first dibs.

Meanwhile, another vaccine from Moderna was considered 94 percent effective and could get the green light from the Food and Drug Administration as early as this week.