Oculus will ship the Quest 2 Elite Strap again and extend the warranty after quality issues

Oculus will resume shipping its Quest 2 Elite Strap accessory and will extend the warranty upon reports of defective straps. Such as UploadVR Previously reported, Facebook’s virtual reality company stopped shipments of Elite Strap in November, saying that a small number of users reported breaking down after use. Now, it tells Android Central that the problem has been identified as an “inconsistency in processing with some early units”, and that the product is back on sale.

Oculus states that the problems with the Elite Strap are affecting a “very small percentage” of customers. But it increases the standard one-year warranty to a two-year period during which Oculus replaces broken tires for free.

The $ 49 Elite strap (and a $ 129 version with an external battery and carrying case) replaces the standard Oculus Quest 2 VR headset cloth strap. It’s a major upgrade that makes the $ 299 Quest 2 much more comfortable, and since it has reappeared in the Oculus store and restocked elsewhere, it’s apparently a viable option again.

Update 6:00 PM ET: This piece has been updated to reflect the Elite Strap being restocked in the Oculus store.