Obsessed Tucker Carlson calls Jill Biden ‘illiterate’ and ‘our national disgrace’

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson was obsessed with Jill Biden’s doctorate in education for the third night in a row on Wednesday, this time spending about ten minutes mocking her dissertation, claiming that the incoming first lady was “borderline illiterate” is.

In case you missed it, a Wall Street Journal the writer countered Mrs. Biden – whom he addressed as ‘kiddo’ – by titled ‘Dr.’ for its name, saying it “sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a little comical” because it was only in education and not in medicine.

The article provoked immediate outrage, with critics accusing writer Joseph Epstein of rank misogyny and sexism. At the same time, Epstein found defenders in right-wing media, especially Carlson, who celebrated the piece on Monday night while snapping that Biden is “of the same rank as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

“Jill Biden is not a doctor, no,” he added. “Maybe in the same sense is Dr. Pepper.”

After targeting Biden again on Tuesday night, Carlson turned it into a trifecta on Wednesday night by throwing out the first lady’s doctoral dissertation and trying to smear her as someone who “ can’t write. ”

Joking for a few minutes about how Biden is ‘not a healer’ and merely ‘trained from some school in Delaware’, Carlson – whom Fox News attorneys have successfully argued should not be taken seriously – and then devoted himself to questioning Biden’s intelligence.

‘We read her thesis this week,’ he stated, adding, ‘Dr. Jill needs reading glasses or she’s illiterate. There are typos everywhere, even in the first graph of the introduction. Dr. Jill can’t write, she can’t think clearly either. “

“Part of the thesis appears to have been written in a foreign language with English words,” Carlson continued. “It’s basically nonsense, like pig latin or barking dogs. The whole thing is incredibly embarrassing. And not just to poor illiterate Jill Biden, but to the university considering this scholarship. “

The conservative Fox News presenter had just started stepping up his insults by saying Biden’s “doctoral dissertation was our national disgrace.”

Carlson was clearly aware that he would be accused of misogyny for his relentless and obsessive attacks on the incoming first lady, and he insisted that this had nothing to do with Biden’s gender.

‘They tell you no one would ever call a man stupid. Okay, that’s wrong. We call Dr. Jill’s husband stupid all the time, ”he exclaimed cheerfully. “In fact, we’re going to get completely feminist here and admit that Dr. Jill is a lot smarter than the man she married.”

“Not that it says much,” added the right-wing Fox star. Joe Biden has never written a dissertation, even at community colleges. The only thing Joe Biden has written recently is memories of himself wearing matching socks. So it’s not a sexist thing. “

It may come as a surprise to some that Carlson’s outrage over Biden’s use of the “Dr.” honorific is selective. Fox’s host has repeatedly awarded the title of “doctor” to Sebastian Gorka, whose doctorate in political science has been questioned in the past. He has also addressed several other political scientists as “Dr.” on his program.