Netflix lanza la novedosa función ‘solo audio’ en de última versión de la application for Android

There is a modality, there are no items available for subscriptions, but also no subscriptions available, but there are also no favorites for podcasts.

The ultima version of Netflix for phones with an Android device has a built-in and a new función and is available on a plata-forma representation of an audio series and a series of podcasts.

The new characteristics of a new video recording, the video, audio, audio, audio and audio modes. It is not possible to configure the main Netflix settings.

The new función, entre otras cosas, permit for a los usuarios or a gran porcentaje de batería, as well as a valiosos datos móviles. Asimismo, see a sera bastante útil for disfrutar de cierto contenido, como pueden ser los especiales de comedia or algunos documentales.

This is a report available on the Netflix version, and another version of the time available for use; without embargo, see more and more personas and media players and updates for mobile devices.

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