Nacho and Melany Mille talked about the criticism they received as a couple

Nacho Melany Mille

Venezuelan singer Nacho and model and presenter Melany Mille spoke to the magazine People about the criticism they received of their relationship, announced shortly after the artist reported his split with Inger Devera.

‘It would be incorrect to tell you I did not [afectaron las críticas], my personality is quite sensitive. But at that time my connection with God was so great. I had a spiritual level that it couldn’t touch me, ”said Mille.

“I’ve always kept myself in a calm position [tener la] very clear conscience. When [uno] He’s calm with his actions and you know that you have done absolutely no harm to anyone, you don’t have to stop sleeping and what people say doesn’t have to affect you, ”he added.

Nacho, for his part, indicated that he did not read many social networks and that he always tried to support Mille. “I’ve been trying all the time to be there for her, to show her that those people who referred to her in a derogatory way or in a derogatory way to me did so first because they are people who might have a very empty reality. A very haunted reality; and we should be thankful to God for the beautiful life we ​​have in all aspects: the blessings in labor, in economic terms, in the matter of a couple, how we are, ”he said.

In July last year, his daughter Mya Michelle was born, the artist’s first daughter, as he is already the father of four children: Diego, Miguel, Santiago and Matías.

They are very happy, but they are clearly children. They don’t pay much attention, but they try to talk to her via FaceTime. I think when they interact with her, they can hug her, ”Nacho said of Mya’s siblings.

“If they can come together and share moments together. It is what we would like and it is what we are working on [para] reach it ASAP. Even with the birth of Mya, I have never felt a preference for any of my children; I love and adore them all equally. They are all important and I love them with the same intensity, I love them more every day, ”said the artist.

They both work from home and take care of their daughter. Melany Mille is developing a seven-chapter project on her YouTube channel about Margarite characters and she’s also working on her own line of bathing suits.

Nacho continues his career: “I have a lot of music, I work overtime. I have managed to collect songs. In September we have a concert in Orlando ”.

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