Nacho and his current partner, Melany Mille, talk about their relationship for the first time for ‘People en Español’ | People | Entertainment

Nacho and Melany are the parents of an eight-month-old girl.

The Venezuelan singer says via social networks Nacho has shared some of his newfound relationship with the model Melany Mille, mainly the facet of Mya’s parents, aged eight months. Now through an extensive interview before People in Spanish, both shared how they dealt with the criticism that fell upon them when the relationship was made public.

‘It would be incorrect to tell you I did not [afectaron las críticas], my personality is quite sensitive. But at that time my connection with God was so great. I had a spiritual level where I could not be influenced by things … All that turbulent period that we have been through, through which we have grown a lot as humans, come together, ”Mille told the magazine.

Nacho divorces his wife Inger Mendoza

Nacho, for his part, indicated that he tried to be there for her all the time. To show her that the people who referred to her in a derogatory or derogatory way did so first because they are people who may have a very empty reality, a very haunted reality, and we must be thankful to God. because we have a beautiful life that we have in every way: the blessings in labor, in economic terms, in the matter of a couple, how we are, ”said Miguel Mendoza, the real name of Nacho.

Mille supported what was mentioned by the artist. “Miguel always advised me, who has had a long series of scandals like this on various issues, where people wanted to criticize or condemn him, so he didn’t really care. But it’s the first time people fell on me. I have never faced that kind of controversy working in the media in my country and receiving it at a time as fragile as pregnancy [no fue fácil]”, he pointed.

Nacho could be a father for the fifth time, a girl with her current partner

According to Mille, what surprised her most was the questioning of women against her, and she said: “WowHow can another woman who also had children and was also pregnant criticize me and who also knows what I feel without knowing the truth? ”.

In the interview, the couple also commented on the facet of the parents who are now living and how they have weathered the quarantine on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

Nacho, who is also the father of four children, announced in October 2019 that he would be divorced from the mother of his three children, the dancer Inger Devera; After that revelation, it was rumored that he was dating Spanish model Eli Tulián. (I)