Ms. World removes Ms. Sri Lanka’s crown after falsely claiming that she does not qualify as a divorcee

Things took a dramatic turn for Ms Sri Lanka’s beauty pageant winner Pushpika De Silva after former defending champion and Ms World 2020, Caroline Jurie, took the crown off her head.

According to CNN, Jurie falsely claimed that De Silva was a divorcee and therefore ineligible to participate in the election.

“I have a small request,” Jurie said according to CNN. As for Mrs. World Inc., there is a rule that you must get married and not divorced. So I take my first step and say that the crown goes to the first runner-up. “

Jurie then went on to forcefully remove the crown from De Silva’s head and put it on first runner-up, CNN reports.

The organizers later stated that De Silva was the official winner of the election, saying in a statement that participants who were “legally married” were eligible to participate.


In a statement on her Facebook page, De Silva said she is currently separated from her husband “for personal reasons”, but they weren’t divorced, and if she didn’t qualify, she would have been removed from the competition.

According to a press release, the organizers of Ms. World Inc. that they assess the incident.

“Let it be known, Ms. World Inc. has no moral judgment,” the statement said. “If the delegate sent by Ms Sri Lanka-World to participate in the international competition is legally married, she will be accepted.”

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