Mrs. Sri Lanka: A former winner rips off the crown from her successor

Zafarrancho in the middle of the beauty pageant! The match Mrs. Sri Lanka which took place at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theater recorded an unprecedented drawing and was recorded for posterity. It appears that Pushpika Da Silva was the winner of the event and with a bouquet of flowers in one hand she blew kisses to all the audience who voted for her.

However, everything changed then Caroline Jurie, who won the match in 2019, interrupted programming to claim that Pushpika was divorced and that the match should not allow this. “There is a rule that everyone must be married and not divorced,” the woman said immediately afterward. he tore off his successor’s crown to attract the runner-up.

According to reports, Caroline struggled to remove the crown she was the winner of because it was a piece made with 3,000 blue and green cubic zircons and topaz stones. So far, this video released by the Colombo Gazette has more than 2 million views.

The Washington Post reported that a statement from Ms Sri Lanka World said the organization was “deeply disturbed” by the “unfortunate” incident and condemned Jurie’s attitude, confirming that Da Silva was the true queen. beauty, as the organization requires the beauty contestants to get married.

For her part, Da Silva will take legal action and deny that she is divorced. “The queen is not a woman who takes another woman’s crown, but a woman who secretly places another woman’s crown!”

Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is a nation south of India, located in the Indian Ocean. The diverse landscapes vary from rainforest and arid plains to plateaus and sandy beaches.