Mrs Ireland has named the new Mrs World after fracas on stage

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) – Kate Schneider from Ireland has been named the new Mrs. pageant, the organizers said.

Mrs. World Inc. said it has received the resignation of Caroline Jurie and that the first runner-up, Ms Ireland Kate Schneider, will therefore be the new Ms World 2020.

On Mrs. World, a beauty pageant for married women, features a photo of Schneider titled Mrs. World.

Jurie relinquished her title earlier this month, defending her decision to remove the crown from the head of Ms Sri Lanka’s titleholder Pushpika De Silva, who she claimed was unfit to participate in the match on April 4 because she was divorced. .

De Silva said she is divorced, but not divorced, from her husband.

“Being separate is one thing. Divorce is something else, ”she said on Facebook.

Jurie, who is also Sri Lankan, was charged with injuring De Silva during the televised broadcast. Four days later, she was arrested on charges of “simple injuries and criminal violence” and later released on bail.

Jurie said she opposed “injustice” and that the parade was “tainted”. She said she wanted to make sure that every participant had an equal chance.

Mrs. World Inc. said in a statement Tuesday that Jurie’s “voluntary resignation decision was made solely by Caroline herself”.

The incident during the election, attended by the Prime Minister’s wife, caused a stir in Sri Lanka, where this year the last Mrs. World event will take place.