MLB Yasiel Puig describes infidelity from a legal problem

He broke the silence! Yasiel Puig published a press release giving his testimony and his experiences after being accused of sexual abuse by a woman. The Cuban describes his unfaithfulness to his wife and he tells how it was that he went ahead with the plaintiff in his attempt to prove his innocence. The outfielder has had some difficult months because he has not found a new team in MLB as a result of this problem.

Yasiel Puig no longer wants them to keep ‘polluting’ his name and this Tuesday, April 13, he made public his testimony and his version of the events surrounding the alleged sexual abuse of a woman who charged him for it.

Puig, along with his nicknames, published a three-page text through his official Twitter account, reading, among other things, that “the intimate meeting was agreed upon by both parties and that it was the woman who initiated the same.”

The Cuban gardener added that the victim had decided to charge him “based on fabricated evidence,” adding that both he and the woman had committed unfaithfulness to their respective partners.

The meeting between Yasiel Puig and the ‘anonymous’ woman took place in October 2018, at the Staples Center, after a Los Angeles Lakers game. According to the women’s version, the player abused her in the building’s bathrooms.

Yasiel Puig has lived months of uncertainty about his professional career in MLB as, as a result of these allegations, no team has made the decision to sign him for the already started 2021 season.