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The Macará president was annoyed after his club’s elimination against Emelec in Stage 1 of the Copa Sudamericana.

Miller Salazar, president of Macará, expressed his exasperation on Wednesday after Emelec’s elimination of the Ambateño club from the Copa Sudamericana in phase 1 by Emelec on Tuesday, mainly due to the goal of Facundo Barceló, who started the offside action, and the expulsion of the celestial midfielder Enson Rodríguez at the time of the match.

“The headline that should have appeared in the press today should have been ‘Assault on Capwell’,” Macará’s main radio recording snail Ambato, according to statements collected on the Twitter account @ Angora913.

With his statements, Salazar referred to the offside Uruguayan Barceló when he received the pass that allowed him to settle in and define the networks to open the account at the George Capwell stadium at minute 5. The action went unnoticed by the arbitration triad led by central Franklin Congo

“Today we are sending our letter of complaint to the Referee Commission (of the Ecuadorian Football Association) because things like this cannot keep happening (referees mistakes),” the leader warned. “Today at 5 pm our letter is in the referee committee, claim for the achievements of Congo and his henchmen

With the goal of Barceló, Emelec took the lead on Tuesday, score that eventually rose in minute 76 for 2-0 thanks to the target of José Cevallos Enríquez (76 min)The total, after Bellavista’s 2-2 draw in the first game in March, was 4-2 in the millionaires’ favor.

Salazar also referred to the players of the club he chairs and the economic damage of the cup’s elimination: “Players know how much money they have lost$ 360,000 was what the players would receive, 40% of what Macará would get if he went to the next round (groups) ”.

Finally, the heavenly president pointed out the case of Venezuelan Rodríguez, who was sent off with a direct red card when the match went 1-0 at minute 65: “It won’t just be called for attention, Instead, he is fined for the act he committed in the game that cost him deportation.When Enson was suspended, any possibility that Macará could win the game was over ”. (D)