Michael Douglas is starting to lose his short-term memory


At 76 years old, Michael Douglas He is still the image of vitality in front of the gallery, but in the privacy of his home, he begins to experience certain ‘ailments’, not physical, but mental, which manifested themselves almost by surprise during the period of confinement.

“By the pandemic, in which I have spent a lot more time doing practically nothing on the couch, I am amazed at how much energy I have lost. And my long-term memory is fine, but in the short term … not so muchI’m looking into it, ”he revealed in an interview with AARP.

At first he thought it could be due to his past excesses, especially with marijuana, which he started to pay off in old age, but after consulting with several friends of his who smoked a lot more than him and still do, he has come to the conclusion that this is not the crux of the problem.

On the other hand, the experienced interpreter tries to set limits at home ‘on a small and large scale’ when it comes to substances that have happened so that it does not happen again in his two pubescent children, the result of his marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones, the dramatic situation in which he lived her firstborn Cameron, who has served more than seven years in federal prison for various crimes related to drug trafficking and use, or for his own addiction problems.

“It was hard to protect myself and my family and tell my eldest son that if I felt like I was leaving him, it was because I was doing it, because I was afraid he would kill himself or someone else. experience with Cameron I don’t wish it on anyone. It takes a lot of toughness, but at some point you have no choice but to be it for your son, ”he recalled.