Matthew McConaughey gives his reasons why he invested in Austin FC

Mexico City

Hollywood Actor, Matthew McConaughey, explained the reasons why he decided to be part of the group of investors who own the Austin FC, a team that will play its first season in MLS in 2021 and will debut this Saturday in the league against Los Angeles FC in Carlos candle

The winner of the Best Actor Oscar in 2013 for his participation in “Dallas Buyers Club,” noted it was for his wife who decided to invest in football.

“The only sport that is ever-present, whether in Reykjavik (Iceland), Cleveland, New York or Cape Town, is football. My wife is Brazilian, so that made me safer to choose football (to invest). Football has become part of my familyhe said at a press conference.

McConauhhey made it clear he doesn’t want to spend the night in front of football, but rather you want to leave a legacy in sports, making it clear that it won’t just be a simple picture of the team.

“I want to make decisions now, I want to create a legacy. I am not interested in being a pet, a face, I want to be more than that. I’ve always wanted to go to ground level and build a team. “

This unique actor is not the only one who has decided to invest in football, Will Farrell is also part of the shareholders who own Los Angeles FC.