Mariasela Álvarez: “My turn has come, I suffer from Covid-19”

Television host Mariasela Álvarez revealed that she caught Covid-19 with “a bad cold and anosmia,” but was on medication.

“Well, it was my turn. I have Covid-19. I was diagnosed last night and I have symptoms of a severe cold and anosmia, but nothing else for now. I have all the tests and medication,” he wrote on his Twitter account. .

Anosmia is the loss of the sense of smell. Almost all people infected with the coronavirus lose this feeling.

Álvarez, 61, hosts the “Esta Noche Mariasela” program every evening, which is broadcast on Color Vision, channel 9, and will be recorded in the coming days.

She also indicated that her daughter has the virus that is still prevalent in the Dominican Republic.

The pandemic’s daily positivity here stands at 12.02% and the mortality rate at 1.31%.

In terms of the total number of active cases, they remain at 37,631.

There are currently 454 hospitalized patients, occupying 18% of the 2,569 destined for Covid-19.

In intensive care units there are 145 patients, for 28% of the 523 beds the system has.

While 87 affected have fans, which is equivalent to 22% of the 406 in the country.