Maquilan and Juárez car parties for eléctricos

The car, car and electric car are available near the city, the world of the car and the economy.

Pedro Yu, interest general of Autokabel, responsible for the manufacture of components for the vehicles.

The storage of a charge and a precise charge, the cables for the battery, terminals and distribution of General Motors, Ford and Tesla.

“The space available, it is one of the best cars and the industrial automotive industry, which no car can customize and buy a car,” explicit.

Details of the manufacture cables and the car cable of the electric car and the electric car for the marcas.

“Apart from the fact that your car can be used autonomous and standalone vehicle, you can choose from several solos available. A Tesla, a customer who is a customer, has 100 vehicles a car, a car or another customer, a total of the customer’s products, the customer’s choice, the customer’s demand; todo esto es difícil aún ”, expresó.

Pese a ello, dijo que la portunidad de mercado que tiene Juárez and muy grande.

“A lot of the production of the fruit and the sale of a store, for all things, and the electric combustion and the rest of the car,” expreso.

The data from the Index Juárez, the 330 maquiladoras present in the local market, and 30 by the automatic car industry, the only other sector and another sector having 90 of the industrial industrial sector, have a car accident.

Aptiv es otra de las empresas locales que dentro de dos de sus plantas ya fabrica components for autos eléctricos.

The acuerdo con Adam Jonas, analista de Wall Street and Morgan Stanley (multinacional financiera estadounidense), el año 2021 expansión, contracción, consolidación y proliferación múltiple ”.

There are several ways to consider the combustion engine of 50% of the fuel consumption and the combustion engine with an internal combustion engine of 2% and 5%.

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