MagSafe wallet won me over to my surprise

Although my iPhone 12 Pro Max and the MagSafe leather case arrived on the first day, the MagSafe wallet I ordered from them only appeared last week.

I wasn’t sure what to think. It was a nice idea, but early hands-on videos suggested it might not work very well in practice …

In particular, they suggested that there was a risk of the wallet getting stuck in your pocket when you handed out the phone, or worse, falling off when you put the phone back in your pocket.

I also had a question mark about convenience. Did I really want to have to attach and detach a separate module from my phone while just sticking to my tried and trusted solution of a Mujjo leather wallet case to keep the few cards I needed?

But I have to say, I have become a convert.

Yes, it is possible for the wallet to detach from the case when you put the phone out or put it in a pocket, but the problem is very exaggerated. That happened to me once. I was a bit more careful how I handled it afterward, and it hasn’t happened since.

It is also true that there is a minor convenience hit in attaching the wallet to the cover when leaving the house and removing it on return. But, at least in COVID times, I haven’t seen that as a problem. Maybe that’s influenced by the fact that I don’t leave home very often, or by the fact that I still have to get a mask.

But even in normal times I take my keys (for now…) from a tray next to the door, so picking up my wallet at the same time is no problem.

What I like about it is that I don’t have most of the cards at home. I just detach the wallet when I walk in and then have a slimmer phone than using a conventional wallet case.

I previously kept two cards in my iPhone 11 Pro case, but it’s too loose in the MagSafe case, which needs three to keep them from falling out. Bringing a third card with you is of course no problem.

So far I think I’m hooked – what about you?

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