Liga MX-MLS merger would be the second most valuable league in the world, above Spain and Italy

If the integration of the competitions of Mexico and the United States takes place, the value of the tournament would be higher than that of the Spanish, Italian and German leagues.

MEXICO – A merger of Liga MX and MLS would result in a competition worth $ 1.5 billion, which would surpass La Liga, the A competition and the Bundesliga, but it would be under the Eredivisie

“If you add Liga MX and MLS we are talking about being worth $ 1.5 billion, we would be on other levels,” said the president of Liga MX. Mikel Arriola, in an exclusive interview with ESPN Digital, after FIFA president Giani Infantino assured that this merger would pay off in the creation of one of the best leagues in the world.

The potential of the United States and Mexico is important, if that potential can be put together it is something that has nothing to envy for the best competition in the worldInfantino said, after an express question from ESPN Digital

The $ 1.5 billion would surpass the $ 1.137 billion it is worth La Liga of Spain or 1,010 of the Bundesliga, would also be higher than the value of Seria A in Italy, only taking into account the Transfermarkt figures and the commercial value of each match, as the income value is not measurable as the merger between the Liga MX and MLS has not yet been consumed.

The Eredivisie it would go on as the most valuable championship in the world, due to its value of $ 1.959 billion and generating nearly $ 10 billion in revenue every year.

FIFA has approved the association between Liga MX and MLS, while the position of the CONCACAFThe project to unite both tournaments is expected to be completed in 2026.

* According to Mikel Arriola’s estimate