League of Legends’ new champion, Gwen, revealed in cinematic trailer

Riot has revealed League of Legends‘newest champion and she’s a very creepy looking doll named Gwen. In a cinematic released on Friday, the developer showed the doll’s tragic origins and gave us a taste of what she will look like in the game.

In Gwen’s revealing film, a seamstress makes a doll and according to the video description, “This doll loved her maker very much, but unfortunately tragedy tore them apart, causing the doll to sink into the sea and be sad.” But while she waits at the bottom of the sea, a mysterious force finds her and animates her, transforming her from a doll to something else.

Riot doesn’t reveal exactly what that something else maybe so, but it does give us a brief glimpse of what might be Gwen’s true form. She’s taller, with more human features, but she certainly still looks like doll sewn, which gives her an extra spooky vibe.

Image: Riot Games

Based on Riot’s previews of the Veigo’s Ruined King revealed earlier this year, we already know that Gwen was reanimated by the magic of the Ruined King and will likely be connected to Veigo. We also know she will become an AP top-lane Brawler, but her actual kit remains a mystery.

As with most new champions, Riot will reveal more about Gwen in the coming weeks, including her full skill set. After the reveal, she will likely move to League of LegendsPublic Beta environment to test before final release.

Updating: Riot has also released Gwen’s gameplay trailer. The trailer gives us a look at Gwen’s in-game model, her giant scissor weapon, and how she will play once she arrives in the game.