Leadership, relegation and second chance: this is the panorama of the Clausura 2021 in the last part of the rounds – Ten

There are only four days left for the regular rounds of the Closing 2021 On Honduras finalize and with that the two leaders of the groups are known, the four classified for the playoffs and, most importantly, the team that will descend to the Promotion alloy for the next season.

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There are several situations to be resolved in the Honduran Championship epilogue. Nothing has been defined yet, the groups are very close-knit and the struggle for sustainability has not even been said, true Real society starts to add up with the arrival of Hector Castellón to the technical bank.

– Fight for Leads and Playoffs –

In the North Zone Group, leadership seems to be a matter of one, although in the absence of four dates (12 points) anything can happen. The truth is that the Real Spain is the current leader of the frame with 16 points, but it’s a pretty fought-over group where until last place, Marathon (9 units), he can qualify for the playoffs if he adds three in his remaining games.

Right now it is Progress in Honduras and the CDS Life, with 12 units, are the ones that enter the playoff phase of the Closure 2021, but in fourth place a dangerous offer Platense, which with 11 units is eager to qualify for the next phase. It is a group in which anything can happen, it is very tight.

In the Middle Zone peloton, nothing else would be missing to explain the group’s leader at the end of the 14 days. Olympiad Y Motagua they fight for that section. Whites are currently leaders with 22 units while Motagua, which has yielded against two equals in recent duels Real de Minas Y Real society has lost ground and adds 20.

Everything will be determined when both face each other over the rescheduled game they have between them, a date yet to be determined. With the two of them involved in the big party, nothing else is vacant in the playoffs, true UPN is parked in third place with 13 points against four of the Real society, who fights for sustainability.

As I indicated. So far only the Real de Minas (four points) is the only one who has been eliminated and the one who cannot dream of second chance matches in the Honduran national championship. The slogan of the miners, who will play their last two home games Tegucigalpa, must be saved from the descent.

– Red descent zone –

With four days to go, the team that is still fully involved in the red zone is the Royal Society of Tocoa with 14 points in 24 games played. follow him Real de Minas, which is only two units away, as it has 16.

These two teams are most committed to being in the National LeagueThe one who made the most of it, despite his financial troubles, is the Honduras ProgressWhich led by Fernando Araújo They already have 22 points at the general table, eight more than last place, a good cushion that will allow them to work on the rest and, why not, bid for qualifying for the playoffs.

The games they have yet to play Honduras Progress Real de Minas Y Real society, the three clubs fighting to get into the Honduras National League at least one more season: