Lawyer killers left a note with the motives for their crime

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Nine gunshot wounds, all hit in the back, were the ones that killed the lawyer Indiana Beatriz Castellanos Barahona.

The 49-year-old legal professional was found dead in a silver Ford Escape pickup truck with HAZ 0576 license plates at around 7 p.m. on Tuesday.

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The discovery of the car in apparent desolation took place on the street connecting the Copacabana residential complex with the peripheral ring, in the Roble Oeste sector, south of the capital.

The National Police was informed by a phone call to 911 that a car with the characteristics described above had been parked at the side of the street for more than an hour. Police officers arrived at the designated location and confirmed that the civilian alarm was correct.

As they approached the vehicle, they discovered it was a woman, with her head bowed and with visible blood stains on her back.

Many hours later

The presence of the police officers happened minutes after 7:00 am, but the opening of the car took more than four hours since the doors were locked.

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In order not to spoil the perpetrators’ evidence at the crime scene, the detectives used a locksmith to open the car doors, but the technician arrived at around 10 a.m.

When they opened one of the doors, they were able to verify that the female was indeed dead from several gunshot wounds.

Eye inspectors from the Police Investigations Directorate (DPI) began the expert work, and among their documents found several who proved the identity of Indiana Beatriz Castellanos Barahona.

A note that arouses suspicion

Among the evidence found in the Ford Escape pickup and very close to the body was a note that read “for husbands,” the alleged reason the killers took his life.

Eye technicians as well as the forensic personnel who took part in the uprising reported that attorney Castellanos Barahona received nine projectiles from behind, only one of which had an exit hole.

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She was left inert in the passenger seat, suggesting that one or two people were accompanying her. In addition, they found a gun holster and the box to put it in.

The now-defunct Indiana Castellanos litigated for about two years in the private party, after serving in various positions in the courts and as a judge in various courts.

Rommel Martínez, director of the DPI, argued that “it would be imprudent to bring up any kind of data; Every element found in the vehicle is an element that must be processed and analyzed ”.

Indiana Beatriz was a running mate of attorney Melvin Bonilla (murdered March 4, 2021) in defense of Mr. Eduardo Enrique Lanza Raudales, in case it’s called Pandora.

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