Kevin Durant and Draymond Green explain their views on infamous arguments

Let’s take a walk through the memory until November 12, 2018.

The Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in overtime that night, but that’s not the story.

Our focus is on what happened at the end of the regulation – and on the bench before the renewal – between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

But we don’t need to say anything else or provide more context, as those two offered their take on the latest episode of KD’s “The ETCs” podcast:

Draymond: “I got the rebound and went out on the field. K hits for the ball and I leave. I drive onto the field. In my mind, K is about to come in for the trail, and I’m about to Throw it back He’s about to walk in the 3, we’re going home, we have a game tomorrow This is how I imagine this whole piece happening.

“As I turn to cross the field and come back, K isn’t coming at all [laughter]So I dribble the ball of my foot looking for him. The s – t went completely wrong. “

During: “In my mind this is how I played it. We got the stop, I grab the rebound, as soon as I cross half the track, I shoot it. That was the connection. That was it. I wanted the moment., Draymond saw it.” in a different way, that was the collision.

‘I’m not running [down the court] because I thought, “Damn, I don’t have this bastard in my hands right now.” I was so desperate. “

Draymond: ‘I walk down the track and K yells,’ Give me the motherf – king ball. ‘I just look at him and my answer was,’ I was f-king who gave you the ball if you let f-king run. ‘ Is the [on the bench] and he’s like two or three chairs away from me. He slaps me on the seat next to me, “I said give me the f-king ball.” That’s when I thought, ‘Yo, hey motherf – ker, I’m doing this too. I’d give you a … the ball if you weren’t sifting f-king. I do this too. ‘

“One or the other has been said, we claim, DeMarcus [Cousins] draws me [away] and tells me to shut up. From there, everyone took it and turned it into this whole thing. It was no problem for me. Did we get into a bad fight? Yes. But K would berate me all the time. Fast forward, the build-up of everything, the media coverage around it, the hanging – it just made it worse. The st continued to fester [and] started to lead a life of its own. “

During: “The exchange, the certain s – t you said to me, I was like, ‘Okay. I know what it is. I know what I’m bringing to the team. Okay, Dray went too far on one of his little joints. I’m going to talk to him next week and let him know what it really is about me. “That was what I was doing. I was so annoyed knowing the vultures were about to eat this. I knew that. they would use it to try to divide me and separate me from the group. That was the annoying thing, because I knew it was going to happen. “

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Draymond also admitted that he “certainly said some things I should not have said,” but he has not disclosed that content.

And it is very safe to assume that he will never speak in public about what those words actually were.

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