Julia, the minor who disappeared with her family in western Mexico, is found alive | Univision Crime News

MEXICO CITY. Julia Isabella Villaseñor Romo, the one and a half year old girl who is he disappeared with his family on March 24 on a highway in Jalisco (western Mexico), was found alive this Thursday afternoon, as confirmed by the Jalisco State People Search Commission through its social networks.

Once located, the minor was protected by the police of the municipality of La Barca and given to his grandfather, who, along with the staff of the local search commission, gave the corresponding recognition, ”the statement said.

The minor was found in good health, according to the report. And according to various local media, the small It was located in a property of the municipal seat of La Barca, and carried a message on a sheet of paper that also contained his grandfather’s cell phone number.

Until now, the whereabouts of the rest of the family members, including another minor, is unknown.

The family then disappeared a few weeks ago they were on their way back to Jalisco, after spending several days on vacation in Mexico City. They all traveled in a 2019 Mazda pickup on the Tepatitlán-Guadalajara highway.

The people traveling in the car were identified as Jimena Romo Jiménez, 24 years old; her husband Julio Alberto Villaseñor Cabrera, 35; their daughter Julia Isabella, aged eighteen months, who, according to the committee, has been located; Virginia Villaseñor Cabrera, Julio’s sister, and her son, Iker, 9 years old.

According to newspaper information The universalJulio Alberto, 35, worked in a hospital in Guadalajara, where all family members lived, while Jimena and Virginia were entrepreneurs.

What has been investigated about the matter?

In recent days, the prosecutor’s office, along with elements of the Mexican military, has conducted an operation in Acatic Municipality, where they arrested seven police officers municipal authorities for their alleged participation in the family’s disappearance. Two of them they had warrants for arrest since March last year through forced disappearance from another person.

While no official information has been given as to the role of the police officers, versions indicate that one of the family’s cell phones was used in that town, apparently by one of the police officers arrested.

A man was shot in Zapopan on March 19, could be the most important piece of determining the family’s whereabouts, as explained in a previous press conference by the prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez. He pointed out that this is the main thrust of the investigation being followed, although he did not provide more details.

The injuries the man sustained prevented investigators from conducting an in-depth interview and obtaining information to help them find the family.