Jorge D’Alessio confirms claim among OV7 members

Although some members such as Lidia Ávila deny that among the members of the OV7 grouping to exist issues Which keeps them separate, singer and producer Jorge D’Alessio I would have turned them upside down on their Instagram stories.

Yesterday afternoon during a live of the singer, a follower asked him why not a collaboration with OV7 to which he responded to the cry of They fight!

According to the conductors of ‘Sale el Sol’ a loud rumor about the existence of conflicts within the pop band the cause of M’Baliabecause they assure it your current partner She is a transgender who changed her and they claim her because of her attitude.

At the same time, Kalimba He is said to have disagreed about the rejection of his sister M’Balia, which would lead to his separation from the rest of the group.

Until now, none of the members of OV7, consisting of Lidia Ávila, M’Baila Marichal, Érika Zaba, Kalimba and Óscar Schwebel, have spoken about it.

OV7 would have problems because of its member M'Balia

Despite the above, so far it seems that this situation is the tour they have planned for the celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary that would take place in the National Auditorium on 18, 19 and 20 May.

The tour that should have been presented last April, starting in Guadalajara and later in Mexico City, was postponed this year due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

So they said: