Jeff Van Gundy avoided James Harden mess by staying away from Rockets

Turns out Jeff Van Gundy, who still lives in Houston, was wise not to continue in the Rockets’ head coach position.

Van Gundy, the former Knicks head coach, interviewed there, and sources indicated that he probably could have had the job but was indifferent to it. The Rockets went with Stephen Silas. It is unclear whether Van Gundy saw the deep turmoil ahead.

The missiles are the NBA’s biggest mess, with trade demand from Russell Westbrook leading him to Washington and James Harden reporting late to camp and wanting to go outside – preferably to Brooklyn.

Van Gundy, who was Tom Thibodeau’s Knicks boss in the late 1990s / early 2000s, appeared on the MSG Network morning show and didn’t rule out a return as a coach, even if it means leaving his plush broadcast gig.

“I’ve pursued jobs I wanted that I didn’t get,” said Van Gundy. ‘And I’ve been offered jobs that I didn’t think would be a good fit for me. But you never say never. I am lucky that when you have a job, especially in today’s day and age, you are grateful and grateful. But if something happens that I think is better, I will definitely pursue it. But at the moment I feel very lucky to be able to work at ESPN / ABC. “

The Post reported that Westbrook and Harden weren’t all with Van Gundy, but that was just the tip of the iceberg in their discontent.

Jeff Van Gundy Rockets
Jeff Van Gundy
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Meanwhile, Van Gundy is happy for his former Knicks assistant.

“I am very happy for Tom and his whole family because he is bleeding orange and blue,” said Van Gundy. “He has done that since he was a kid. When he was an assistant here, when we all worked together, he gave everything he had to help us try to win and win big. And he will do the same as a head coach. He is an elite head coach. The coaching will take place at the elite level. And his intensity and passion, I think, goes really well with what New York City and the Knick fan is all about. “

Ex-Knick shooting guard Damyean Dotson, who signed with the Cavaliers last month, had an interesting experience returning to the Garden on Wednesday morning for shootaround after three seasons with the club.

“It was just weird, man,” said the 2017 second round from Houston. ‘I’m on the other side now. It’s all I know. I came here as a rookie and am now on the other side of the changing rooms. “

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