iPhone 12 Pro Max represents the One Charge Challenge

I suppose I’ve taken the saying “let’s dive in” a little too literally with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Nic Henry / CNET

The iPhone 12 Pro Max offers so many bells and whistles, but how many can you really use in one battery charge? Welcome to One Charge Challenge, where we try out the best features of a product through a series of challenges in a single battery life cycle.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max: Dive in on a single charge


Our first challenge with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 put the wearable through several stress tests, but now that we’re moving towards Apple’s most expensive iPhone, we should be able to scale up the challenge.


Nic Henry, Amy Kim / CNET

Can the new lidar scanner help me use augmented reality to furnish my new home? How much does the largest sensor ever in an iPhone help in low-light and night photography? Does it fit nicely in the breast pocket of a Canadian tuxedo?

Check out all that and of course how long that massive battery lasts.