iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 get their biggest price cut ever

The new iPhone 12 series, Apple’s first 5G smartphones, is doing so well in the market. In fact, due to its good performance, analysts believe that Apple will sell approximately 240 million iPhones this year. Still, not all models in this series do well. Simply put, the cheaper models, especially the iPhone 12 mini, are not living up to expectations.

Overall, Apple isn’t a big fan of price cuts and discounts. The fierce competition in the Chinese market that nearly crippled iPhone 11 sales meant the company had to learn to give discounts, at least in China.

No doubt China is enjoying the divide of diversification as all OEMs want to please the Chinese market. Apple’s latest price cut in China concerns the latest iPhone 12 series. According to reports on JD.com. The iPhone 12 series is welcoming the biggest discount since its release. Currently, potential buyers of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 can get a 600 yuan ($ 92) price cut. This is the biggest price cut ever for these devices since their release. However, this discount is available on JD.com and may not be active in other stores.

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone fans don’t have to do it until the fall, now is a good time to act decisively. In addition, JD.com also offers more price cuts on other Apple devices. For example, the Apple AirPods headset valued at 1,246 yuan ($ 190) is available for 799 yuan ($ 122).

After the 600 yuan ($ 92) discount on JD.com, the iPhone 12 64GB version can be bought for just 5699 yuan ($ 870). There are also preferred services such as free trial rights for new Apple Music users for 4 months.

According to the JD platform, users who purchase the iPhone 12 mini can also enjoy a bargain price cut of 600 yuan ($ 92). Even for the iPhone 12 mini sale, the AirPods still get the same 799 yuan ($ 122) price tag.

iPhone 12 mini

Fans who like small screen phones may not want to miss this opportunity. Some users believe that fans who buy smartphones early pay more for these devices. Well this is true. There is a price for everything we can enjoy. To be one of the first users of a new device comes at a price. When others show off their one-year-old smartphone, you have a one-off old smartphone. However, those who wait a few months will enjoy the discounts.