Involvement and well-being, the challenges of companies

So it befits us to ask ourselves where we stand when commitment and well-being went their separate ways during this long year. In that sense, and in view of the second wave, the main concern of organizations today is to find a way to reduce the level of exhaustion that many of their employees are reaching the limit.

In this context, the challenge for organizations in 2021 will be to maintain the level of commitment of their employees and to address the concerns and concerns caused by isolation and quarantine, while taking gradual steps towards an orderly and safe return to the workplace.

Faced with this reality, those organizations that knew how to train empathetic and understanding leaders were able to manage the well-being of their employees by helping them fight burnout, who knew how to take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency providing well-managed remote work will be able to build strong work teams, healthy while retaining key talent and maintaining productivity.

Businesses must consider the personal situations that each person goes through. These are times when employees need the support of their leaders more than ever. Viewing each individual in particular, identifying their signs of exhaustion, and proposing creative solutions to help solve difficulties in the best way are the right way to thrive in the midst of the crisis. From one or more days off to a major conversation, the Human Capital areas must find the tools to ensure the well-being of the teams for a year that again seems challenging, intense and highly uncertain.

Director general de Staffing de Randstad Argentina