In the midst of the second wave of coronavirus, Nicolás Maduro announced a ‘great torchlight march’ for Independence Day in Venezuela

Nicolás Maduro (EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez / Archive)

The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced a “great torchlight marchThat will take place in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19 and under “biosecurity measures”, for April 19 – the day of the “cry of independence” – the date they commemorate the 211 years of the beginning of the nation’s emancipation.

“We are going to have a wonderful day on April 19, starting from Campo de Carabobo, a monumental walk in honor of one of the most important battles of the independence process. the great march of the Bolivarian libertarian torches to carry the torch of freedom across the country, ”said Maduro.

The president, who participated in a virtual political seminar, indicated that the march will begin “in the morning hours” So what will travel through the country’s 23 states and the Capital District

‘Whose hand? From the leaders of the municipal councils, from the leaders (…) of the working class, of the indigenous people, the youth, the intellectuals, the culture, the adults and the elderly, hand in hand with the people, Carabobo’s torch of freedom ”He indicated without specifying details about logistics.

Venezuela is experiencing the second wave of the pandemic (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernández Viloria)
Venezuela is experiencing the second wave of the pandemic (REUTERS / Leonardo Fernández Viloria)

He also said that all biosecurity measures despite the COVID-19 pandemic has not explained how the authorities can guarantee them

“It will be with all biosecurity measures. April 19 falls in the 7 days of radical quarantine, first health, first quarantine first, ”he said in reference to the flexibility and confinement system in place, which consists of seven closing days followed by a week of opening.

In addition, he noted that the torch will return “in triumphal march of civilian-military police on June 24“to field.

May that be beautiful, may each state surprise with their uniforms, with their staging“, He added.

Venezuela is experiencing its second wave of COVID-19, which is why it is currently arranging a third week of quarantine after the arrival of the Brazilian variant of the virus.

According to the Venezuelan regime, the country has a total of 169,074 cases and 1,693 deaths.

(With information from EFE)


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