In Guatemala, they catch the ‘Diablo’, an alleged narco that the US has requested

Guatemala City.

An alleged Guatemalan drug trafficker who was extradited by the United States, where he is accused of exporting cocaine shipments from South America, was arrested by authorities on Saturday, the Central American country’s prosecutor reported.

The Public Prosecution Service (Public Prosecution Service) coordinated the arrest with the police with a view to extraditing Juan Carlos Chacon Alvarado, also known as “The devil“or” Mr. 305, “Juan Luís Pantaleón, the institution’s chief of information and press, told reporters.

The official explained that Chacón Alvarado is to appear before a Texas court for the crimes of conspiracy for the illegal shipment of cocaine to the United States, as well as to manufacture and distribute the same drug to illegally export it to that country.

The investigation identified “a large-scale drug trafficking organization” operating from the south to the north of the American continent, he said.

During the investigations, it was determined that Chacón Alvarado was responsible for “the transportation, direction, management and supervision of the organization’s drug trafficking activities in Guatemala,” he said.

The inmate also has a current warrant for arrest Guatemala for the crimes of warehousing, trafficking and illicit drug trafficking and conspiracy for murder.

The alleged drug trafficker is the sixteenth to be arrested in Guatemala in 2021 and extradited by US law enforcement.

Authorities say major international cartels, with the help of local drug traffickers, Guatemala and the rest of Central America to transport drugs and launder money, are using activities that erode the criminal violence ravaging the region.

According to the United States, 90% of the cocaine that reaches that country by airplanes, boats and submarines passes through Mexico and Central America.