Imprisonment for Iowa Face Mask Fight Raises Questions About Mandatory Minimums

A Des Moines man accused of starting a fight after facing improperly wearing his face mask has been convicted of a felony and faces a mandatory 10-year prison term, as first reported by Iowa Capital Dispatch .

Why it matters: The case begs the question of whether punishment is appropriate for the crime and could result in legislative action, Bob Rigg, a law professor at Drake University, told Axios.

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  • There have been national calls to reform mandatory minimum prison sentences for years, including in Iowa.

What happened: Shane Michael, 42, followed Mark Denning out after a verbal exchange of views about Michael’s improper mask-wearing at a DSM Vision 4 Less store in November, according to the court’s testimony.

  • Michael then allegedly attacked, spat and coughed on Denning, shouting, “If I have it, you have it.”

  • Denning said Michael poked him in the eye and nodded his groin. He also said he nearly lost the eye, but a doctor stated he will make a full recovery.

The aftermath: Michael turned down a plea deal and was convicted this month of assault and physical injury, which has served a mandatory decade in prison in Iowa.

  • The deal would also have wiped the case off its record after two years of probation. “He took a big risk by taking this to the jury,” said Rigg.

  • Michael will likely be eligible for a parole hearing within a year and could be released early, Rigg added.

What’s next: Sentencing is set for May 11.

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