“I don’t regret anything I said, we are here to put up with mothers …”

Prior to the Classic, the ‘Pollo’ stated that America was a team with no identity and then they were defeated 3 to 0

Chivas center-back Antonio Briseño does not regret the statements he made against America ahead of the National Classic, in which he assured it was a team with no identity, and stressed that all that’s left to do now is the multiple ridicule and allegations against him.

“Many came out to say ‘identity’ and put the number three instead of the ‘e’, ​​but it’s part of football; If you shut up and don’t say anything, the fans say you have to speak with respect and in the end I think that’s my way of being, or that’s how I live football.

I have no regrets about what I said, we have a second chanceFootball is like this, let’s hope it’s soon, nothing happens. In the end it’s a great team that came up against us and now we have to keep it up, that’s what we’re here for, to fool …“he acknowledged.

After the defeat to America, the ‘Pollo’ Briseño insisted that the only way to undo the defeat to the rival team is to qualify Liguilla and fight for the league title.

“We have to do it by qualifying Liguilla and fighting for the title is compensated. We’re out of the qualifiers for the playoffs; you have to add and get game by game “.

“Ultimately it will be the evaluation, a classic cannot be compensated by saying it was only lost, a point has been left and they can have a retake, they’ve already had a retake. times, ”he says. added

The Guadalajara defender pointed out that given the good times his teammates are living in the Mexican Under-23 Team, he hopes that getting a pass to the Olympics will infect the rojiblanco team for the final leg of the tournament.

“Ultimately, they are important players for us who have rhythm and confidence, are seen separately and with great things, who come in good spirits after qualifying for the Olympics. That they come back with a refreshed mind and that satisfaction of getting to the goal, because it’s contagious and with those six going to the Olympics, they’re infecting us for the next game, ”he concluded.