Hugo Pérez: “The FESFUT offered me the sub 23 and I said yes”

The former World Cup player Hugo Ernesto Perez confirmed to Deportes LPG that he has accepted the preliminary proposal made to him by FESFUT about 10 days ago to lead the sub 23 and look for one of the Tokyo Olympics tickets in the CONCACAF competition being held in Guadalajara, Mexico. March.

“I spoke to Mr. (Hugo) Carrillo a few weeks ago and I also spoke to Diego Henríquez, of course I am waiting for their response, I am interested in the proposal as it is my country but I am more interested in this on the way I’m just waiting for their response, I’m still in touch with Diego, we’re going step by step, I hope it will happen but it’s a decision the FESFUT will make and I told them I’m interested in it proposal, ” Pérez summarized to this medium by telephone from your home in the United States.

Pérez explained that “the proposal was to take the U23 and U17, but as the U17 World Cup has just been canceled, it is only the U23 and later we were able to work with the other teams,” said Jorge’s former assistant. “Zarco” Rodríguez with the Selecta in 2015.

Regarding the points agreed with the FESFUT, the former FAS midfielder said in the mid-1990s that many points are ready “but we need to agree on how long the contract will last, if the proposal received is only for the pre olympic in guadalajara and only trying to qualify for the olympics or move on, for me the most important thing would be to go through a longer process i understand the situation they could have i dont know but one Thing is I keep working for the Mexican Football Association (FMF) and they have a lengthy process and somehow I would like it to be that way in my country, ”he said.

Pérez also said he has asked for certain points to be included in his future contract.

“This sub 23 should be the basis for 2026, for the World Cup in the United States, I explained it to you because it is the reality of us and the other is that we live in a period where the majority of the teams from Middle -America and the Caribbean they have progressed and by 2026 they will give one more quota for that World Cup and that’s where this U23 has to shine because they have to work with them whenever the teams want to give them, ”he said.

“We already talked about the salary, about other things, we didn’t talk directly about the group that will join me in the coaching staff, just about mine, there is still the talk, I don’t know when the announcement will be but hopefully it can be done as I would like to take that responsibility, we are talking about that proposal for about 10 days, we had a good talk with Mr Carrillo and he agreed to speak with the executive committee to discuss it amongst ourselves to discuss, ” explains Pérez, who still maintains his contractual relationship with the FMF.

“I have not said or spoken to them because I have not actually signed anything with El Salvador, another because they have an important long term project and as long as I have not secured anything from the FESFUT, I cannot say anything about it that the FESFUT is telling me what they offer me, I would speak to the FMF because I have only spoken to them orally ”, he concluded.