Groundbreaking Fortnite glitch gives players infinite healings

A new item duplication exploit in Fortnite Season 6 allows players to create infinite healings to camp endlessly in the storm, and the community believes the outage could be behind DreamHack’s sudden cancellation of an upcoming tournament.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 6 has seen its fair share of issues since its release. Whether it’s acquiring unlimited currency, using chickens to float around the map, or having to play the game sideways, the new season suffers from several unintended problems.

Another bug is now making the rounds on social media for its truly groundbreaking potential. This new exploit allows players to create infinite healings and camp in the storm forever – which is so serious that some players believe it led to the cancellation of an official Fortnite tournament.

YouTube / OrangeGuy

The new glitch allows players to duplicate all throwable items, including healings and shields.

Fortnite exploit discovered

The exploit first started circulating on April 16. In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Fortnite content creator ‘OrangeGuy’ revealed the duplication problem and explained exactly how players can use the exploit themselves.

The creator warned at the beginning of its video that using the exploit outside of private matches could potentially lead to a ban – as Epic classifies the exploitation of bugs and glitches as cheating – so players should be careful about using the glitch against others. live competitors.

In the video, OrangeGuy explained exactly how you can take advantage of this exploit. The process involves having a full inventory, selecting a throwable item (such as a Medkit), and then throwing it while trading the item with another item already on the ground (at the same time).

With proper timing and careful execution, a copy of the item held by the player will spawn when the original is thrown. By repeating this process over and over, players can make infinite copies of one or more items, making this exploit really game-breaking.

Fortnite exploit duplicates every item

The outage quickly began to spread to the community after it was first revealed. In a post on Reddit, a user shared a clip of a player camping out in the storm and endlessly duplicating Floppers, using the fish to regain their health while in the (typically) deadly storm.

New exploit to duplicate Floppers and survive in the storm forever. Cool … from FortNiteBR

While that particular player was duplicating and consuming Floppers in order to get back to health infinitely, it seems the exploit applies to any thrown item in the game (Medkits, Shield Potions, Chug Jugs, etc.).

DreamHack Fortnite slowed down

The same day the exploit was revealed, DreamHack announced it would reschedule the Fortnite Open tournament, which was scheduled for the weekend of April 17-18.

The Fortnite DreamHack Open has been delayed due to “concerns about tournament integrity.”

While DreamHack failed to identify the reason behind the cancellation, the Fortnite community was quick to blame the newly discovered outage. Swiss pro Duong ‘Kinstaar’ Huynh responded to the tweet with a clip of the exploit, suggesting that this was the reason behind the cancellation.

None of the DreamHack Fortnite or official Competitive Fortnite accounts have provided additional information on the reason for the tournament cancellation, or confirmation that the duplication error is indeed the reason behind the sudden change in plans.

The item duplication exploit certainly seems to be one of the more serious bugs in Season 6. Epic is probably already aware of the problem and players can hopefully expect a quick fix so they can avoid running into the same issues that Warzone players have faced. for months.