Gov. Mike DeWine urges Ohioans to wear mask for Christmas and not eat with anyone outside their household

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Gov. Mike DeWine is urging Ohioans to stay home during the holidays to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

When they get together with family or friends, he hopes they wear masks and don’t eat or drink with anyone outside their household. Maintaining social distance is also important, he said in an interview with the editors of Wednesday morning. And staying outside is best.

“Suppose if you’re with someone who doesn’t live with you, assume they have COVID and wear a mask,” DeWine said. ‘And as for the food. If, again, everyone couldn’t eat with someone who doesn’t live with them. Do not sit at the same table. If everybody did those two things, you know, we wouldn’t just see a plateau. We would start to see those cases come down. “

Ohio reported 5,409 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, a huge drop from recent daily counts.

The state hasn’t seen a dreaded Thanksgiving surge predicted due to travel and holiday gatherings. Health officials pleaded with Ohioans to stay home, even assuming Lieutenant Jon Husted published his family’s plan to gather outside at separate tables.

DeWine said he and his wife, Fran, are planning a Christmas similar to their Thanksgiving.

They deliver food to their children and grandchildren who live nearby, and other family members pick up food. ‘When we do something, you know it will be outside; we will be careful. “

DeWine said he might be taking a walk too.

“That’s what I would encourage people to do, I know,” he said. “Everyone can’t get out and, you know, walk in, but just try, you know, try to stay out and try to keep your distance.”

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