When Google released the new affordable Nest Thermostat in October, it also made some changes to the way things are set up and managed. Instead of using the outdated Nest app, this is now all done through the Google Home app. This is a positive move in many ways, but some of the functionality has not yet migrated for older models. Finally, it looks like Google is bringing the completely new experience to more people, but it’s certainly a slow rollout.

A very small number of users have reported seeing full power dashboards for some of their older Nest Thermostats as early as a month ago, but it now looks like it’s rolling out more widely. Our latest tipster says they have full stat history for just one of their four thermostats, which is more than a little frustrating. Those of us on the AP team with Nest Thermostats are still stuck with the limited control options in the Google Home app.

If you want to see what the whole interface looks like, XDA was able to work some magic a while ago and make it work on Google Home version 2.3. In the meantime, users will just have to be patient and wait for the Google server side switch gods to do their thing. With luck, it will be available to everyone soon enough. If you’re interested in buying the new Nest Thermostat, check out Ryan’s review to see if it’s worth it.