Google acquires CloudReady OS to make PCs Chromebooks

Neverware allows you to turn old PCs and Macs into Chromebook-like devices through the CloudReady operating system. Although it is primarily aimed at schools and businesses, there is a free “Home” edition available to everyone. Google has now acquired Neverware and CloudReady with plans to integrate it with Chrome OS.

The news was silent announced by Neverware on Monday afternoon. It comes after Google invested in a Series B funding round three years ago.

We’re excited to share some very exciting news: Neverware and CloudReady are now officially part of Google and the Chrome OS team! We look forward to sharing more details with all of our CloudReady customers, users and fans in the coming weeks and months, but for now, check out the following for answers to some of your expected questions:

Google has provided us with a statement confirming the acquisition:

We can confirm that the Neverware team is joining the Google Chrome OS team. As we continue to support customers in their transition to the cloud, Neverware has provided a valuable solution, CloudReady, that enables customers to leverage the manageability, speed and productivity of a Chrome device. After our collaboration over the years, we look forward to working more closely with the team to support more customers in their transition to Chrome OS.

Neverware’s CloudReady OS is based on Chromium. As the last part of the name suggests, it is more than a forked browser, but rather a full operating system designed to replace Mac and Windows on older hardware that may no longer receive official updates.

It’s an ideal solution for schools with aging computers, and something that Google wants to make an official offering. In a FAQ, Neverware reveals how:

In the long run, CloudReady will become an official Chrome OS offering, and existing customers will be seamlessly upgraded while that happens.

Once a Google product, the CloudReady OS looks like it’s ported to the full Chrome OS:

With CloudReady becoming an official Chrome OS offering, you can expect release mechanisms to be consistent with official Chrome OS releases.

Neverware tells existing customers that there will be “no changes” to the free Home Edition or other support policies at this time. Meanwhile, CloudReady will “remain available as is, and we are committed to supporting and retaining existing customers.”

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