Gmail failure causing “Address not found” error when sending

Google suffered a massive one-hour power outage yesterday morning. This afternoon, Gmail is experiencing a number of widespread “Address Not Found” issues preventing certain emails from being delivered.

This problem is mainly manifested by some messages not being delivered and users receiving an “Address not found” error message shortly – about 30 seconds – after sending from the [email protected] mail delivery subsystem.

Your message was not delivered to [email protected] because the address could not be found or cannot receive an email.

Google says a “significant subset of users” is affected and we have not been able to use Workspace accounts to reach personal Gmail addresses. However, the reverse exchange works, while emails to other people in our domain do resolve.

Gmail experienced a similar “glitch” last night with the same problem “Address not found” / “550-5.1.1”. It was resolved in just over an hour.

The web and mobile clients will load, although Google warns of “errors, high latency and / or other unexpected behavior”. Other functions, such as opening messages and searching, will work.

We are aware of an issue with Gmail affecting a significant portion of users. The affected users can access Gmail but see errors, high latency and / or other unexpected behavior. We will provide an update no later than 12/15/20, 2:30 PM, indicating when we expect to resolve the issue. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and is subject to change.

Google acknowledged the issue at 1:29 p.m. PT and hopes to provide an update within an hour.

Update 1: Google is still investigating the issue and will provide an update at 3pm

Update 2To: “The Gmail service has already been restored for some users and we expect a fix for all users in the near future.”

To update…

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