George Clooney weighs in on the alleged Tom Cruise Tirade recording

“I don’t think it necessarily helps to refer to specific people that way and do it that way … but you know, everyone has their own style. “he said. Strict. “I understand why he did it. He’s not wrong about that at all. You know, I just don’t know if I would have done it that personally, but I don’t know all the circumstances, so maybe he would have done it. 15 times before. “

In the audio recording, the voice alleged to have been heard from Cruise is loudly berating unidentified people and threatening to fire them if they behave like this again. “No excuses,” says the voice. “You can tell the people who are losing their homes because our industry is closing. It won’t put food on their table or pay for their college education. I sleep with that every night. The future of this f – king industry! “

“If I see it again,” he warns, “you’re fucking gone.”