¡Galilea Montijo modela with trousers in cuero and conquista and sus seguidores! | EL IMPARCIAL

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO.- Galilea Montijo you update the colocados of the different figures of the center of the spectacle, it is a personal and professional conductor and socially social.

The conductora has a public update on an official Instagram page and a photo portal or a blank with a bonito estampado which is black trousers, with a lucir or piernas.

Ante esta publicación los of the artista no pudieron contenerse y le hicieron llegar algunos piropos que hacían reference and su schoon.

This is one of the most diverse ‘looks’ that can be used in the program of “Hoy”.

Receipt “Gali” compartió to a name other than an image of the serial number of the navidad, the current decoration and the white color, the red and the blue color, an entirely new name of the family of the family.

And this note