First COVID-19 Vaccines Administered to Hospital Staff in Maine

The Maine Medical Center in Maine on Tuesday morning is believed to have delivered the first COVID-19 vaccine, kicking off a statewide immunization effort that will last for months and that many hope will end a devastating pandemic.

Kayla Mitchell, 31, from Scarborough, a registered nurse who works in the Maine Med intensive care unit, was the first to receive the vaccine. About 1,900 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were delivered to the hospital in Portland on Tuesday around 7:00 am.

“I’m happy to be a part of the solution and help make the community a safer place for everyone,” Mitchell said after receiving the first of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. She is expected to get a booster shot in a few weeks.

Mitchell said she is confident the vaccine is safe and effective, especially when compared to the anxiety she has experienced among COVID-19 patients whom she has cared for in the ICU and their families.

“I trust science and I trust that getting the vaccine is a safer alternative to how severely ill patients are suffering,” she said. ‘I’ve seen enough. People are scared and end up alone. It’s exhausting and it’s relentless. “

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