FAREWELL – From Jack Venom to one of his daughters: “My beautiful girl, I love you”

For Good Friday, when the last crisis that took him out of this world with the belt around began, Jack Veneno squeezed one of Paola’s hands and said goodbye with the tenderness he always exaggerated her: “My pretty little girl, I love you. “

The sad scene took place on Thursday the second of this month, the day the legendary hunter preferred that the Rosa Emilia Tavárez National Cancer Institute (Incart) give him the medical discharge leaving him in the last hours of his life. company could spend. of the eight surviving children and Gisela Bonetti, his wife.

“That was the last conversation we had,” reveals Paola Sánchez, subtly not asked about her age, during the wake of her service from Wednesday afternoon in Room One of the Blandino Funeral Home, on Av. Abraham Lincoln, where athletes, politicians, business people and other areas of national life have paraded to say goodbye for the last time.

“When he entered gravity, he communicated with us by squeezing our hands. My beautiful little girl will stay in my memory forever. I thank God for allowing his children to fire the “Champion of the World Ball,” the champion of our hearts, “he said.

Jack Michael, another of Rafael Sánchez’s children, a zero-rejection figure, admired by young children, adults and the elderly who turned “ international wrestling ” into a curfew, which aired channels 9 and 2 every Saturday at noon. from Color Vision, you will remember him as the champion he always was.

“I will keep him in my memory as the father who cares about the well-being of the family, his children, as a hardworking father and as the champion who fought to the end,” said Jack Michael, who worked with Veneno four decades ago. along give back on the Olympic Stadium circuit in a brand new red convertible.

He emphasized the pride that Jack Veneno always had of wearing the national flag as a cape and the three colors in his rafters in his big fights with “Rick Flair”, “Iron Fist”, “El Monge Loco and” Relámpago Hernández “, “El Genius of Evil”, among others his last major rival.

El Hijo de Doña Tatica, who died Tuesday in the early hours of Tuesday at the age of 78, was also a natural marketer who skyrocketed the popularity and sales of all products that sponsored Professional Wrestling, including some medicinal bitter drinks.

Among those who came to see him for the last time and offered condolences to his relatives were the Secretary of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mera; Dr. Alejandro Vargas, Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court; the Deputy Minister of Sport, Franklin De la Mota; the holder of that sports wallet, Felipe -Jey-Payano, and Olympic medalist Gabriel Mercedes.

Also wrestlers of different generations, some masked, which adds a nice touch to the funeral services of Rafael Sánchez, who keeps his forehead impeccably high with his luscious black beard.

Among them stand out “El Bronco” and “El Rayo de Nueva York”, who came from the United States to say goodbye to the human who inspired him to participate in this sports show more than 50 years ago and then helped him give the first steps.

To fulfill a wish of the idol of the twelve strings, the family will be cremated today and some of his ashes will be scattered in the early afternoon in the Caribbean Sea, in front of the Eugenio de Hostos Park, where he fought against his main battles in the 1970s and 1980s.

The rest in the Puerta del Cielo cemetery, where the family will again have to stand alongside the protagonist of the “Tertulia Induveca”, the main sponsor of one of the most popular Dominican athletes of all time.

“Until always champion. We will remember you forever ”, says the ribbon surrounding the green flower arrangement, adorned with white roses from“ La Familia Induveca ”.